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Message from Director's Desk

Thank you for considering Ashliya Consultants Pvt. Ltd., I am excited for this opportunity to welcome you to ACPL’s visible pledge to a diverse and engaged community.
I deeply believe that true diversity and true opportunity mean than a symbolic effort; they require a genuine commitment to significant representation of currently under-developed sectors.  
A diverse consultancy body is not only a matter of equity; it is also a matter of sound workmanship.  My vision of diversity here at ACPL is to harness the energy and innovation of our staff and team members in such a way that those efforts work in harmony to create an inclusive service environment.
Yes, the cultural experiences of personnel have a significant impact on how they respond to different projects and consultation environments but real business and societal growth is achieved when individuals demonstrate a desire to understand how culture shapes learning.  So, reach out to those who do not look like you.  Engage in conversations with our staff and teams about the importance of diversity and make the entity ACPL an example of a rich and inclusive community.

Managing Director

Ashliya Consultants Pvt. Ltd.